Christianity and Judaism Food Rules

Dorothy Goebel

Hong Kong Academy

     Did you know, Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world? Or that Judaism is one of the oldest? Did you also know that these two religions have many different rules about what they can and cannot eat? There are some rules about eating habits that are the same between these two religions, but many are different too.
    There are many things that are the same between Judaism and Christianity, but when it comes to food rules, there are very few things in common. There is one thing that is quite the same though, but partly different. In Judaism, you are not allowed to have milk and meat in the same meal, or within a six hour period of time. That is a little bit like fasting which means not eating for an amount of time. In Christianity, there is a time of year called Lent, when you may decide to not eat for a day. That is also a bit like fasting.
    There are a lot of rules about what you can eat in Judaism, but in Christianity there are very few. Actually, there are no rules about what you can't eat, but there is a time in the year called Lent, when there are some specific rules. Lent was more severe in ancient times, and is a bit like fasting. Lent is one to two weeks long, and during this time you decide to stop eating a kind of food. There are also some other rules you can follow, but in the end it is up to you to decide which one you choose. You may perhaps not eat any animal products, not eat for a day, have one meal a day, or not eat until 3 o’clock. You could also give up something that you really love, like chocolate, or candy. But in most places now you wait until the evening to have a small meal with no meat or alcohol.
    They do not have Lent in Judaism, but there are some rules you have to follow all year round. Two of the things you can not eat are pork and shellfish. You can eat fish, but only if you can see fins, and scales. You are only allowed to eat meat that has been killed, cooked, and prepared according to the kosher rules, but never pork. That includes ham, bacon, and any other product coming from a pig.
    Overall, I think Christianity and Judaism are quite alike in many ways. But, there are not many food rules that are the same. I hope you have enjoyed reading my essay.