Yesterday I had my 11th birthday party! My real birthday is actually not until March, (the 23rd to be exact,) but I have so much on for the week of my birthday, that I would not have time for my party then.
The people I invited to the party were Alice, Erin, Leilanie, Emma, Maite, Cilo, and Maggy. The people I had invited but were not able to come were Astrid and Olivia. They are both overseas! The colour theme of my party was green and pink. I had green and pink balloons, forks, plates, food, and green and pink icing on my cake.
My party was at Colour My World, which is a place where you can do art and drama activities. It was an art party. The thing we each made was a cool little wire doll, which we decorated with clothes that we made. Erin made a dinosaur instead! I had a lot of fun and I think everyone else did too. 
When we had finished our dolls, the instructor stapled it onto a piece of wood, so it would not be so fragile.
After we had finished making our dolls, we had cake and presents. My cake was in the shape of a piece of candy. It had pink icing on the round bit in the middle, and green icing for the wrapper bits at the side. In the middle it said happy birthday in icing, and the green parts were covered in skittles.
After we had eaten the cake, I opened my presents. I got: A voice changer from Clio (it makes you voice echo,) A weird but true book, and a $200 Dymocks voucher from Maggy, a CD and a DVD from Maite, a friendship bracelet kit from Emma, an American Girl game from Leilanie, 2 DVDs from Erin, and a $200 gift voucher for Dymocks from Alice.
I had a great birthday party!  
Guess what happened to me this afternoon? I was just talking to my mom in the kitchen when my brother walked in with a parcel. It was addresed to me. And I knew just what it was! A couple of months ago I created an account on an online Jaqueline Wilson fan club. If you didn't know, Jaqueline Wilson is my all time favourite author who writes (in my opinion) the best books ever. When I created the account, there was a competition for the first 500 fans who entered regestered to the site. So I decided to enter. I didn't think I was going to win, but I entered anyway. About two weeks later I discovered an email that said I was one of the first 500 people to regester! I was so excited! The prize was one of her books, with her autograph on it!
In a few months I still hadn't received the book. So my mom sent an email to the company (just a few days ago!) And today I receved it! I was dancing around the kitchen hugging the book to my chest! I felt like the luckiest girl alive! 
These are the guidelines our class came up with, because we had been having some problems with the weight of our bags.


Only bring books, and other heavy things on the day that you will need it
Don't put random things in your bag, like toys, and (for girls,) hair things
Try not to bring an over full water bottle, because it will put too much on the bag
Think hard about what you want in your bag , if it doesn't need to be there, don't keep it in there


If you can, empty your bag out each week, and work out what you want to keep in it.
Put your things in your cubby
Keep your things at home (eg. reading log, you only need it once a week)
For girls, if you have too many hair accessories at school, just have one thing to where at school when you need it
During the chinese new year holiday (Saturday the 13th of February, to Sunday the 21st), I will be keeping a holiday blog, and recording what I do in it. I will not be going away, but I will be doing lots of interesting things in Hong Kong! To access my holiday blog, just put your mouse over "Dorothy's Blog", and it will come up. I forgot to say that I will NOT be writing in my normal blog over the holiday, only my holiday blog! 
Today, we had the Chinese new year assembly. Everyone had come dressed in Chinese clothes, including me. I was wearing a brown dress and tights, and even though it was quite uncomfortable, it still looked fine! But it did rip a few times throughout the day, and at one point I had to tape it up!

I think the most exciting part of the day was when we got to collect the kids from their classrooms, and lead them to the gym. There were many jobs to do, including drums, cymbals, gongs, the teaser, the lion head, and the person in the back of the lion. I got to do all of those things at least once, except the gong. The most tiring position, I have to say would be the back of the lion though. You have to bend down, and get quite low, and if you do that for too long, your back really starts to hurt! I experienced that, because I was the back of the lion when we went up the steps to the middle school!

I think the actual perfomance was wonderful, but not just ours! I also think the other grades did well, especially the grade 3's. I also liked the K3 and K4 performances, because the kids were so cute, and they looked extra cute in their chinese new year dresses and costumes!

Our performance was at the end of the show, just before the final lion dance. I think we did great! The people wearing the costumes looked really nice, and it wasn't until I saw everyone on stage that I realised how hard we had worked, and how amzing all of the costumes were! My favourite costume was the one that Gigi was wearing. She was an empress, and her dress was really pretty! And the sleves were really long, so that must have been how empresses looked in ancient times. 

The thing that I did in the performance was introduce Erin (who was a monk) in Mandarin. I had to say who she was, and which dynasty she was from. When I was backstage I was really scared, because I thought I would forget my lines, but I did it! 

Happy Chinese new year!!!     

This is a link my book review. It is on the book "The Great Gilly Hopkins", and I would give this book a five out of five! 
Today, Andy told us about a competition that we could enter if we wanted. It is a blogging competition, and I think I would like to enter. Andy has not signed any of us up for it yet, but he said to practice we should be blogging regularly, but today we should write a blog about why we want to enter.

I would like to enter the competition because blogging is quite new to me, and I would like to test out my skills in something other than my regular blog. I would also like to enter because I would like to see how other people blog, and how I could improve.
Hi everyone. I just want to let you know that I have added a new page to my website. It is called extras, and it has many things from games, to videos, to maps. Please try and visit it! 
Today in class we got to think up a news header which links to a chinese invention. I did two at school, but we were asked to write one on our blog too. This is mine:
Yesterday, residents of Beijing were shocked to see a pig flying across the sky. The reason? Chinese born Iggy Yort has invented a way to use the rudder to make pigs fly. People now using the expression may be in for a suprise...   
Last Saturday, on January the 30th, I went to Clio's house for a sleepover. I arrived at her house 3:00, but her parents weren't there, only her helper.

The first thing Clio did was show me around the house. She also showed me her HUGE box of Archie comics (Jughead, Betty, Veronica...) and also her special editions. Then we went into the game room. I thought the game room was really cool, because to get in you had to have a password. The inside was really cool too. There was a sofa, 2 big squashy beanbags, a TV and loads of DVDs, a piano, a microphone, and 5 guitars! Anyway, the first thing we did in the gameroom was Clio teaching me the guitar. I've always thought that guitar is a really hard instrument, but now I know that it's pretty easy! Clio taught me 2 pretty easy songs, and then she showed me some songs of her own. 

At about 3:45, Clio's driver drove us down to the park. We had tons of fun, but not playing on any of the things there. We were playing our own game, and it was so interesting, that we stayed there for 2 and a half hours!!! We also had some money, so we got some snacks. We got: a pack of candy each, an ice tea each, and some fishballs to share. We had a small feast! After the 2 and a half hours was over, Clio's driver came to pick us up. When we got there it was about 5:00, and we weren't aloud to watch movies until 6:00. So we went into Clio's study to play computer for a bit. Then we went outside to continue our game, and I think it was even more fun in Clio's garden, because there was so many places to explore!

Finally, 6:00 came, and we got to watch TV. But first, we had to have dinner, which was spaghetti and bolognaise (yes, I am not a vegetarian any more!) It was soooooo good. After dinner, we went and played football outside for a bit. After that, we got huge bowls of ice cream and popcorn (not together of course!) and went upstairs to the TV. First we watched 3 episodes of Get Smart, and then we watched Monty Python And The Holy Grail. It was a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good movie. It was mostly funny though, and alot of the time it didn't make sense! After we finished the movie, we got a gigantic handful of Archie comics each, and brought them up to Clio's room. Then we brushed our teeth and got into bed. But sleep was out of the question! At that point it was about 11:00. So for about half an hour we read the comics we had brought up. Finally, we got a really, really small bit tired, and we accidentally fell asleep. I swear, it was an accident!

The next morning, we woke up at about 6:30. We woke up at about the same time, so we went down to breakfast. But first we played football for awhile, and just explored for a while. Then we had breakfast. I had cereal, and Clio had peanut butter on toast. Then we went to the park, but this time we only stayed for about one hour. The snacks we got this time were: 2 packets of candy each, a soft drink, (we tipped the two different flavours into each other and it was soooooo good!) and an ice block. Anyway, by the time we got back it was about 11:30. So we went on the computer, and got some music to go with the lyrics we wrote to a song Then we went to lunch, which was Chinese. Finally, I went home.

It was the best sleepover ever! And I learned something new at Clio's : Jughead comics are awesome!!!