Today was crazy hair day! I saw so any weird outfits and hairstyles, it was unbelievable! My favorite was Leilanie's!
For my hair, I used temporary hair colour to make my hair red, pink and green (but the green didn't really show up.) But a while later I decided to change it. Ellen made it into a really cool topknot, that looked crazy with my dyed hair!
I had a great time!
Two days ago, on Tuesday the 20th of April, I had my parent teacher conference. I think my conference went really well, and I think I have been doing a good job throughout the year to deserve it.
The first thing I did was read out my Parent Teacher Student Conference blog post. I remembered to explain about what all the writing and links were about, so my parents understood.
One of the main things we talked about was my handwriting. I have always written my words too small, so it helped to talk about with my parents, and teachers. My goal for handwriting is to start to join my letters. When we were still doing RRJs, (we are not right now, because of the exhibition,) I wrote part of my RRJ in cursive, either the introduction, or the conclusion.
At the end of the conference, I got this book called "Ready, Set, Grow!" which is a book for girls about going through puberty. Each week we are going to read a chapter, and talk about it with the other girls in the class. I'm not exactly excited...


Welcome to my parent teacher student conference blog. You are going to read about how I have improved, my goals, and many other areas of writing. I have also linked to some areas in my blog, to show you how I am going.


I think as a writer I have improved a lot since the beginning of the year. I am starting to add more details in my stories, and am connecting with my characters more. Here are the rubrics I used to assess my historical fiction. I am still in the middle of writing it, so it is one of my newest pieces of work.
You can also access a blog post that I wrote near the beginning of the year here. I have chosen this because it shows how I have improved, and how I have changed from the beginning of grade five.


In January I wrote some goals for the future. You can visit them here. As you can see in that blog post, I would like to improve on the drums. I would still like to do that, but I have been getting better and better at them. My other goal was to write more blog posts. I still have to work on that though. After re reading the goals that I wrote in January, I decided to write a new one. My new goal is to write more stories. My dream job is to be a writer, so I need a lot more practice. Some examples of stories I have written are my historical fiction, and the story I wrote in library with Erin. I also wrote some stories in my old school, and one in grade four called "An Odd Group."

Unit Of Inquiry

We have done many, many different units of inquiry this year. The unit of inquiry that I think I did the best on was the religions unit. During this unit, I did many pieces of work.My favorite piece of work that I did was the compare and contrast essay. I chose this piece of work because I think I did quite well on it, and I am proud of it. You can access my compare and contrast essay here.
My short term goal for unit of inquiry is for the exhibition to go well. Daksha and I have worked really hard for it to go well, and I just hope that that will happen!
My long term goal is to always try hard during unit of inquiry time. Sometimes I find myself chatting to friends, so I wold like to try to stay on task.


A few weeks ago, Andy asked us to take a picture of the profile sheet that we made during the first week of school, and put it in our blog. It shows the three profiles that we thought best represented us at the beginning of grade five. Also in that blog post, I have added the profiles that best describe me now. Here it is. I think those three profiles still represent me!


I think I have done really well in maths this year. I have been working hard, and have worked my way up to the higher group. Here is a piece of work that I am  proud of.
The part in maths that I am having the most trouble with is negative and positive numbers, but I always try to complete my homework that include them.
My short term goal for maths is to remember to bring my homework in the day it is due. I have been having a few problems with forgetting to bring it in, and I would like to try to remember.
My long term goal for maths is to start raising my hand in class more. I have found that I am being a bit shy, and not putting up my hand as much as I can.


I hope you have enjoyed reding my parent teacher conference blog, and discussing it with me. I also hope you have a good idea of how my year is going so far!