Today we went on our third field trip, but this time we went to a cathedral, not a temple. By the way, a cathedral is like a very big church. Anyway, when we got there, we were greeted by one of the ten priests at the church, called Father Desmond. He told us all about Jesus and God, and what to believe in if you are a Christian.

One of the things I found really amazing was when he told us about how Jesus came back to life after he died. The story was, the Jews were not happy with the way Jesus was acting, so they decided to hang him, on a cross, and leave him to die. Three days later, he comes back alive, and when you die he will bring you back to life

I think this was my favorite field trip, and defiantly the most interesting!!!!!!
We had our second field trip today : to a Sikh temple. There are lots of ways which the Hindu temple and the Sikh temple are the same, but there are even more ways in which the temples are different!

When we got to the Sikh temple, like last time we had to take our shoes off, but the only difference was we had to take our socks off too. Then we went into a room (which was obviously for praying), and we got to have a go at praying too! Afterwards, we formed a line to get some food. The foods we were offered were an apple, bannana or orange, and then something I am not sure of what it was, but it was actually quite good!

Then we got taken into a classroom (!) and we were told a bit about Sikhism. The thing I found the most interesting was something our guest speaker told us about called "the 5 K's". "The 5 K's" were like this. There are 5 things that all start with K, and that the lord gave us, that are the things we need with us at all times. They were: hair (they say if the lord gave you hair, why cut it off?), an iron bracelet, a sword (not too sharp of course!), a pair of shorts, and a wood made comb. If you have all of these things it is good!

After visiting the classroom, we got to have lunch (lucky, 'coz I was sooo hungry!) I found it very interesting that if you pray in the temple, you get lunch for free. The setup was like this, you sat on the floor, on either side of a place where people could walk through. The people who walked through served the food. You got a metal plate, and they put it on that. The things we got to eat were plain rice, indian bread, and 2 kinds of sauces to put on. My favorite thing was the indian bread, it was really, really, really, really, really good :)




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Today we had art, but it was a little bit different than usual. Both classes came together, and we had one big 2 hour session! In art we are also learning about religions, and today we got to pick the topic in which we would do our mini exhibition on. Sorry, I forgot to say we were having a mini exhibition :'(

We got to chose something to do with decorating your body in different cultures, and some of the choices were body art, tattoos, piercings, hair styling, and henna (a type of Indian body art.) At first I thought I would pick henna, but then I decided I would challenge myself and choose PIERCINGS!

 A lot of people chose the same as me, so I decided to go into a smaller group, with Leilanie and Phoebe. We got to choose a group name, and our group is called the Foofies! We also get to use stixy, to do some of our work on.

It's going to be so fun!
Today we interviewed the second candidate to take over Dr. Andy's place. His name was Grant Millard. He was very nice, and we asked him the same questions we had asked Stephen Dare, so we could compare the answers.

When I asked him my question, (what characteristics do you think are important for you as a director?), I found that his anwer and Stephen Dare's answer were very similar! Grant also said that he wanted people to think he was a good listener, and to think he was open - minded, so the answers were basically the same!

I am not sure which director I would choose, as I like them both. What do you think? Please comment, and tell me what you think!
Today we visited a Hindu temple. It was 55 years old!!! It was still in very good condition though, because the Hindus believe in good hygiene. It was very interesting, and I learned a lot. For example, the number of gods they have is 350,000,000 (three hundred and fifty million), and I found that amazing.

When we got to the temple, we had to take our shoes off, and then were greeted by a man named Hiro. He took us into the temple and explained everything about it.

The 2 things that stuck out the most in the temple were 1) a big bell hanging from the roof, and,  2) the way that people poured milk over 3 statues of the gods. First, I'll explain about the bell. You see, after people had finished praying, and pouring milk on the gods, they walked to the middle of the room, and rung the bell. It was quite a loud bell, and afterwards Hiro told us that it was to make people alert.

Now I'll tell you about the people that poured milk over the gods. In on of the smaller temples, (inside the BIG temple!), there were 3 statues. One was a serpent, one a china pot, and the last one was a goat. Whenever anybody walked in, they brought a carton of milk, and after pouring water on the statue from a bowl hanging from the roof, they put on the milk. Hiro told us it was to give them a bath, and I found that really cool!

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!
On November the 17th, (2 days ago), we did a presentation for our bag of beliefs, (BOB). We had to bring in 4 or 5 things that represented our religon, culture, and what we valued. Then we got into groups and presented the things we had picked out.

I brought 3 books: 2 Jaqueline Wilson books, and 1 Garfield comic book, to represent reading, because I value reading. For my second thing I brought a CD by my favorite band, to represent my love of music. I also brought in a leaf and a pebble to show that I valued nature and the outdoors. A family photo, and finally, some souvenirs from 5 different countries to show that I loved travelling.

A few people brought some of the same things as me. Maggy brought some things from different countries too, because she loved travelling too. And Astrid brought in the exact same CD as me because she shares my love of music!

It was sooo fun!!!
Today we had buddies. My buddy is called Catherine, and today she showed me a book she had written about the alphabet.
On each page there was a letter which the page was based on, and then a picture to go with it. Catherine showed me that she had been learning to read, by reading out the words to me, then explaining the picture.

When I was in grade 1, I did something similar to that too! I also wrote about the alphabet, and did pictures to go with it. I think I still have that book, as well!

On Friday we will be doing an extra buddy session, to show our buddies our online stories we wrote, on  

I am really enjoying doing buddies, and I am always looking forward to Wednesday, so we can see our buddies!
Today, in the afternoon (ya know, 12:00 and later...) we got to ask some questions to a person who was applying for the job as director, because as you know Dr. Andy will be leaving next year. His name was Stephen Dare, and he was really nice and answered all our questions.

The question I asked was, "What characteristics do you think you have to have for you to be a director?" Some of the things he said were you had to be a good listener, and he also said it was important to be approachable. Then he mentioned one of the learner profiles which was reflective, and he said that that was quite important to be as well.

Some of the funny questions were, "Do you like chinese food?" (asked by Matthew), "Can we have a longer recess?" (asked by Dom), and "Do you have any pets?", (asked by Nathan.) His answers were, yes, he does like chinese food. The answer to the second question was we had to wait and see, and also think about how long the school day would become! And no, he dosn't have any pets.

I can't wait to interview the other candidates!
Today was the last day with Miguel, but we still have the assembly. I already know that I will miss being in the art room every day (because I LOVE art!) The snake turned out to look great, and in total it was 12 METERS LONG!!! I thought it would only be 5 or 6 meters in length, but I have never been more wrong!

What I mostly did today was check if the bottles that were taped together, were secure. I also helped put the wire through the bottles, and put the finishing touches to the face.

My favorite part of the session was when we got to hang up the snake. Everyone got to hold one bit of the snake, and move it along as Miguel put it up.

Well, I guess this wasn't the last thing for the day, because I had forgotten that we got to have one day with another artist! We got Warren Wills, a composer, and our assignment was to write a song about Marilyn Monroe, because Warren had been writing a play about her! I think our song turned out really well, and we wrote it in only 1 hour. We split up into groups and each group got to write a verse of the song. My group got to write the chorus. In my group I had Astrid, Scott, Clio, and Ella.

We still have one more day of AIR left!!!!!
This is the second to last day for AIR, and I am really SAD :'(  I have enjoyed it so much, and I wish it could last longer!

OK, so today we did a lot more work on making bottles (aka painting and decorating them),  because we want the snake to be llllllllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggg. I think we have enough bottles, but I think it won't turn out that big. Still, we do have A LOT of bottles, and I think the snake will turn out to be 3 or 4 meters, which is quite long.

Today I mostly painted bottles purple and decorated them with, you guessed it, purple deccorations! I made exactly 4 bottles today, but my favorite one was one I painted a deep purple, and then painted on lighter purple polka - dots. It looked AWESOME, but it was very small. My second favorite bottle was one about the same size as the other one, but the only difference was I glued on purple circles, then painted in the gaps.

Tomorrow we are going to construct the snake, and Miguel has already started to cut the bottoms off some of the bottles so it will be easier for them to fit together. I'm so excited! I also can't wait to see how the snake will turn out, (even though I know it will look great!).

I also can't wait untill Monday, when we get to dress up as an artist. I am still deciding what to be, but I think I will be a singer of some sort. Maybe I will be an actor...