Today, Andy told us about a competition that we could enter if we wanted. It is a blogging competition, and I think I would like to enter. Andy has not signed any of us up for it yet, but he said to practice we should be blogging regularly, but today we should write a blog about why we want to enter.

I would like to enter the competition because blogging is quite new to me, and I would like to test out my skills in something other than my regular blog. I would also like to enter because I would like to see how other people blog, and how I could improve.
02/10/2010 01:22

Hey, I wanted to enter the competition to. did you know anyone in the class that wants to do it will be 1 team with us if andy chooses us? Good luck if you are chosen!

02/11/2010 00:38

Thank you, and good luck to you too!


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