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Today we had art, but it was a little bit different than usual. Both classes came together, and we had one big 2 hour session! In art we are also learning about religions, and today we got to pick the topic in which we would do our mini exhibition on. Sorry, I forgot to say we were having a mini exhibition :'(

We got to chose something to do with decorating your body in different cultures, and some of the choices were body art, tattoos, piercings, hair styling, and henna (a type of Indian body art.) At first I thought I would pick henna, but then I decided I would challenge myself and choose PIERCINGS!

 A lot of people chose the same as me, so I decided to go into a smaller group, with Leilanie and Phoebe. We got to choose a group name, and our group is called the Foofies! We also get to use stixy, to do some of our work on.

It's going to be so fun!