Today (Tuesday) we had our second Art lesson with Miguel. Just to remind you about it, we are making a giant snake out of plastic bottles, all recycled of course! We are going to paint them all the colours of the rainbow, and decorate them with the recycled things in the art room. The snake is going to be AWSOME!!!

Anyway, back to today. Today we had to choose a colour to paint and decorate our snake with. I chose purple, along with Astrid, and Phoebe. What I did with my snake was paint it a really cool shade of purple! On Thursday I am going to decorate the snake with bits of purple string, tissue paper etc.

I think the snake is going to look great with all its colours and decorations. And (as I said in my last AIR blog), the wire will be perfect to make the snake a really cool long wiggly snake, not a boring old straight snake :(

I think next we are going to assemble the snake. It'll be really cool because the bottles (with all their different colours), will look awsome together, (awsome, I love that word!) And I also can't wait to decorate my snake, because I have found lots of purple things to decorate it with, and make it look cool!

I hope the snake turns out well (though I'm pretty sure it will), and PLEASE leave comments!!!