Today was the last day with Miguel, but we still have the assembly. I already know that I will miss being in the art room every day (because I LOVE art!) The snake turned out to look great, and in total it was 12 METERS LONG!!! I thought it would only be 5 or 6 meters in length, but I have never been more wrong!

What I mostly did today was check if the bottles that were taped together, were secure. I also helped put the wire through the bottles, and put the finishing touches to the face.

My favorite part of the session was when we got to hang up the snake. Everyone got to hold one bit of the snake, and move it along as Miguel put it up.

Well, I guess this wasn't the last thing for the day, because I had forgotten that we got to have one day with another artist! We got Warren Wills, a composer, and our assignment was to write a song about Marilyn Monroe, because Warren had been writing a play about her! I think our song turned out really well, and we wrote it in only 1 hour. We split up into groups and each group got to write a verse of the song. My group got to write the chorus. In my group I had Astrid, Scott, Clio, and Ella.

We still have one more day of AIR left!!!!!