On November the 17th, (2 days ago), we did a presentation for our bag of beliefs, (BOB). We had to bring in 4 or 5 things that represented our religon, culture, and what we valued. Then we got into groups and presented the things we had picked out.

I brought 3 books: 2 Jaqueline Wilson books, and 1 Garfield comic book, to represent reading, because I value reading. For my second thing I brought a CD by my favorite band, to represent my love of music. I also brought in a leaf and a pebble to show that I valued nature and the outdoors. A family photo, and finally, some souvenirs from 5 different countries to show that I loved travelling.

A few people brought some of the same things as me. Maggy brought some things from different countries too, because she loved travelling too. And Astrid brought in the exact same CD as me because she shares my love of music!

It was sooo fun!!!