Today, everyone in our class brought in some kind of breakfast food, and so did our buddies! We had a lot of food, almost a feast! We also got to watch a movie called "The Bee Movie," that I think everyone enjoyed.
I brought in yogurt. There was also fruit salad (blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries,) kiwi, strawberries, cookies, dried mango, cheesy goldfish crackers, sweet and savory popcorn, sweet biscuits, eggs, scrambled eggs, pancakes, Swedish pancakes, cheese, apple, no bakes, brownies, muffins, quesadillas, sausage rolls, mini sausages, French bread, bread, jam, and butter, ham sandwiches, pretzels, and yogurt!
Andrew also brought in a juicer, so there was pineapple, watermelon, berry, and kiwi juice to drink! I got to help with making the juice, which was fun, but really messy!
I had an awesome time!
Today we had buddies. My buddy is called Catherine, and today she showed me a book she had written about the alphabet.
On each page there was a letter which the page was based on, and then a picture to go with it. Catherine showed me that she had been learning to read, by reading out the words to me, then explaining the picture.

When I was in grade 1, I did something similar to that too! I also wrote about the alphabet, and did pictures to go with it. I think I still have that book, as well!

On Friday we will be doing an extra buddy session, to show our buddies our online stories we wrote, on  

I am really enjoying doing buddies, and I am always looking forward to Wednesday, so we can see our buddies!