Today we went on our last field trip for this unit, and it was to a Buddhist Temple. It was called the Chi Lin Nunnery. It was not really inside, it was more a garden. It was very big, and very pretty, and it was nice to be outside, but it was quite cold out, which was not so good. And Because our guest speaker could not be with us, Kas took my tent group, (Erin, Alice, Abby, and Daksha), and one of the boys tent groups (Tom, Paul, and Liam) around instead.
This beautiful temple was in the middle of a lake, kind of like an island!
There were many things I observed, but I think the most amazing thing I saw was an orange bridge leading to a temple (pictured above.) It was a very peaceful place, and there were many amazing things like that.
This is where the Chi Lin Nunnery was.