Today, we had the Chinese new year assembly. Everyone had come dressed in Chinese clothes, including me. I was wearing a brown dress and tights, and even though it was quite uncomfortable, it still looked fine! But it did rip a few times throughout the day, and at one point I had to tape it up!

I think the most exciting part of the day was when we got to collect the kids from their classrooms, and lead them to the gym. There were many jobs to do, including drums, cymbals, gongs, the teaser, the lion head, and the person in the back of the lion. I got to do all of those things at least once, except the gong. The most tiring position, I have to say would be the back of the lion though. You have to bend down, and get quite low, and if you do that for too long, your back really starts to hurt! I experienced that, because I was the back of the lion when we went up the steps to the middle school!

I think the actual perfomance was wonderful, but not just ours! I also think the other grades did well, especially the grade 3's. I also liked the K3 and K4 performances, because the kids were so cute, and they looked extra cute in their chinese new year dresses and costumes!

Our performance was at the end of the show, just before the final lion dance. I think we did great! The people wearing the costumes looked really nice, and it wasn't until I saw everyone on stage that I realised how hard we had worked, and how amzing all of the costumes were! My favourite costume was the one that Gigi was wearing. She was an empress, and her dress was really pretty! And the sleves were really long, so that must have been how empresses looked in ancient times. 

The thing that I did in the performance was introduce Erin (who was a monk) in Mandarin. I had to say who she was, and which dynasty she was from. When I was backstage I was really scared, because I thought I would forget my lines, but I did it! 

Happy Chinese new year!!!