We had our second field trip today : to a Sikh temple. There are lots of ways which the Hindu temple and the Sikh temple are the same, but there are even more ways in which the temples are different!

When we got to the Sikh temple, like last time we had to take our shoes off, but the only difference was we had to take our socks off too. Then we went into a room (which was obviously for praying), and we got to have a go at praying too! Afterwards, we formed a line to get some food. The foods we were offered were an apple, bannana or orange, and then something I am not sure of what it was, but it was actually quite good!

Then we got taken into a classroom (!) and we were told a bit about Sikhism. The thing I found the most interesting was something our guest speaker told us about called "the 5 K's". "The 5 K's" were like this. There are 5 things that all start with K, and that the lord gave us, that are the things we need with us at all times. They were: hair (they say if the lord gave you hair, why cut it off?), an iron bracelet, a sword (not too sharp of course!), a pair of shorts, and a wood made comb. If you have all of these things it is good!

After visiting the classroom, we got to have lunch (lucky, 'coz I was sooo hungry!) I found it very interesting that if you pray in the temple, you get lunch for free. The setup was like this, you sat on the floor, on either side of a place where people could walk through. The people who walked through served the food. You got a metal plate, and they put it on that. The things we got to eat were plain rice, indian bread, and 2 kinds of sauces to put on. My favorite thing was the indian bread, it was really, really, really, really, really good :)