Today, in the afternoon (ya know, 12:00 and later...) we got to ask some questions to a person who was applying for the job as director, because as you know Dr. Andy will be leaving next year. His name was Stephen Dare, and he was really nice and answered all our questions.

The question I asked was, "What characteristics do you think you have to have for you to be a director?" Some of the things he said were you had to be a good listener, and he also said it was important to be approachable. Then he mentioned one of the learner profiles which was reflective, and he said that that was quite important to be as well.

Some of the funny questions were, "Do you like chinese food?" (asked by Matthew), "Can we have a longer recess?" (asked by Dom), and "Do you have any pets?", (asked by Nathan.) His answers were, yes, he does like chinese food. The answer to the second question was we had to wait and see, and also think about how long the school day would become! And no, he dosn't have any pets.

I can't wait to interview the other candidates!