Today I had a playdate with Darcy after school! We had a load of fun! First we took the bus home, then after we had arrived we went up to Darcy's room. There we played with my ipod Touch for a bit, and then we had something to eat. After that we went to Wellcome (I know it looks like it is spelt wrong, but that is what the shop is called!) and bought some candy, Vitamin Water, and chips. Then we walked home in the pouring rain, and I got soaked because we only had one really small umbrella! Then we were relived to arrive home to dryness. After we had arrived home, we had some mac and cheese, and went upstairs again to Darcy's room to eat the things we had bought. Then we went downstairs and played on the computer for a bit. Then the computer cut out, so we played Tap Tap on my ipod Touch. Darcy always won! It was so unfair! Then my mom arrived, but talked to Datcy's mom for ages! So we kept playing Tap Tap, and Darcy kept winning. Finally, our moms stopped talking and I took a taxi home. I had an awesome time!