Today, we started Artists In Residence. We have Miguel, who is an artist. What we have to do, is make a sculpture based on a character in a book called "The Rainbow Serpent." It is a myth from Australia. The myth is about how things like lakes, trees, animals, plants, and bushes came about. We have 4 days to make a huge rainbow serpent using recycled items, such as plastic bottles, paper, and wire, although that is not a recycled item!
So far, we have planned about what items we are going to use, but we still need to work out where we will put the snake, as we want people to be able to see it.
I think a good idea of how we are going to make the snake, is this. First, we should get lots of plastic bottles, and take the lids off them, along with some plastic cut off the top. Then we should poke a hole in the other end, and thread wire though all of the bottles to make one long snake. The reason we should use wire, is so that the snake can be in a wiggly shape, not just strait.