Yesterday I had my 11th birthday party! My real birthday is actually not until March, (the 23rd to be exact,) but I have so much on for the week of my birthday, that I would not have time for my party then.
The people I invited to the party were Alice, Erin, Leilanie, Emma, Maite, Cilo, and Maggy. The people I had invited but were not able to come were Astrid and Olivia. They are both overseas! The colour theme of my party was green and pink. I had green and pink balloons, forks, plates, food, and green and pink icing on my cake.
My party was at Colour My World, which is a place where you can do art and drama activities. It was an art party. The thing we each made was a cool little wire doll, which we decorated with clothes that we made. Erin made a dinosaur instead! I had a lot of fun and I think everyone else did too. 
When we had finished our dolls, the instructor stapled it onto a piece of wood, so it would not be so fragile.
After we had finished making our dolls, we had cake and presents. My cake was in the shape of a piece of candy. It had pink icing on the round bit in the middle, and green icing for the wrapper bits at the side. In the middle it said happy birthday in icing, and the green parts were covered in skittles.
After we had eaten the cake, I opened my presents. I got: A voice changer from Clio (it makes you voice echo,) A weird but true book, and a $200 Dymocks voucher from Maggy, a CD and a DVD from Maite, a friendship bracelet kit from Emma, an American Girl game from Leilanie, 2 DVDs from Erin, and a $200 gift voucher for Dymocks from Alice.
I had a great birthday party!