Today was my birthday! I am now officially 11! It was also Ellen's birthday, and she bought carrot cake. Mmmmm!
This morning I woke up really early, I was so excited! Then Me, my mom, and my two brothers went onto my bed and I opened my presents. I got... a really awesome watch, (which I wore today, you may have noticed!) pajamas, boardies, nail polish, a book, a panda bag (from Ocean Park,) a panda piggy bank (you can probably tell by now that I love pandas!) a USB stick that was in the form of a bracelet, and loads of other things!
When I got to school, some people already knew it was my birthday. Ella kept telling people, and right before math, she made everyone sing happy birthday to me! Then in library, she told Miss Hand, too!
After lunch, I had a choir performance. And after that I had a drama performance! You can read about them in my next blog.
What a busy birthday I had!