This week for the student blogging challenge, our challenge is to give tips for new bloggers, as well as what a good subject to write about is, and how to successfully blog.
I'm going to start with some tips for beginners. I think a great way to start blogging, is to write some things about you. It can be as simple as your likes and dislikes, hobbies, or even the pets you own. Just remember, never reveal your personal details, like your address, phone number, or full name. I also wrote a blog post about not putting your picture on your blog, which you can access here. Another tip is to remember that a blog is not a journal. Try not to overuse phrases like "and then I", or "so then."
To me a good blog subject is anything that will keep your reader interested. Try not to write too much about one thing, because it is likely that your reader will get bored. If a lot of things happen to me in one day, I try not to write a million blog posts about those things, but instead write one blog post about my day, explaining all of those things in it.
There are many ways to successfully blog, but to me the main one is to get someone to check your post for spelling errors. Don't you just hate it when you get to your favorite blog, but there are so many errors in the post you are reading? If the person is someone you know, or is in your class, offer to edit their post.
This year for Earth hour, I would really like to make a difference. Last year I did not do it, so I would like to make up for that this year!
Earth hour will take place this Saturday (the 27th,) and it will be at 8:30. Leilanie and me plan to have a sleepover on that day, so we can participate in Earth hour together! We plan to do most things by candlelight, but we will have to use a torch at some point. And we also don't want to stop at 9:30, we will continue without lights for the rest of the night.
Here are some fun websites you can check out that are related to Earth hour, that I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts. Remember to spread the word of Earth hour!

Here you get to flick an online switch. It is great fun, and you can do it over and over too!

Here you get to make your own virtual lantern. This is a fun activity to do away from the computer, too!
Last week for the student blogging challenge, you had to explain about where you lived. Read on to find out more!
I live in Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong is a beautiful city, but it can get very busy. To be more specific, I live in a suburb called Happy Valley.
I love living in Happy Valley, because it is close to so many places. Near my apartment there is a library, a bookstore, a Movieland, and loads of shops and restaurants! There is also the Happy Valley racecourse. From my balcony, I can sometimes even see the races!
This week for the student blogging challenge, we have to 1) create an avatar of ourselves to put on our website (no prizes for the first person to say where it is!), and 2) write a blog post explaining when it is alright to use personal pictures on the internet. That is what I am writing about right now!
I don't think it is ever good to put pictures of you on your website. But there are some exceptions. I think, that if your photo is done on a setting that makes it look different, it is okay. Also, if the photo was shot very far away, and you can not see very clearly, that is okay too.
Here are some things that I think are not a good idea. If you write a caption above your picture that says things like your name, or your address. Or, if you have a very close up photo of your face, or body.
I think people should visit my blog because they can learn a lot from it. That was one of the reasons why I entered the student blogging challenge, so I could learn how other people like to blog. Some things they can learn are: what I am doing at school, what things I like to do in my spare time, what things are happening for me at home, and much more! I also think people should visit my blog because if you do, I will go on your blog!
I have recently written about my birthday, how I won a competition, and the two times I have been a scribe at school. I hope you can read them!
Today, Andy told us about a competition that we could enter if we wanted. It is a blogging competition, and I think I would like to enter. Andy has not signed any of us up for it yet, but he said to practice we should be blogging regularly, but today we should write a blog about why we want to enter.

I would like to enter the competition because blogging is quite new to me, and I would like to test out my skills in something other than my regular blog. I would also like to enter because I would like to see how other people blog, and how I could improve.