This year for Earth hour, I would really like to make a difference. Last year I did not do it, so I would like to make up for that this year!
Earth hour will take place this Saturday (the 27th,) and it will be at 8:30. Leilanie and me plan to have a sleepover on that day, so we can participate in Earth hour together! We plan to do most things by candlelight, but we will have to use a torch at some point. And we also don't want to stop at 9:30, we will continue without lights for the rest of the night.
Here are some fun websites you can check out that are related to Earth hour, that I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts. Remember to spread the word of Earth hour!

Here you get to flick an online switch. It is great fun, and you can do it over and over too!

Here you get to make your own virtual lantern. This is a fun activity to do away from the computer, too!
03/25/2010 03:12

Wow! I think that that is really inspirationall!!!!!

03/25/2010 10:29

That sounds like fun. I'm going to turn off the lights a few hours early to I can do my things with a flashlight.

Ellie and katie
03/25/2010 16:45

hey we think your bolg is awesome we did that same topic. turns out katies party is on the same day so we are doing that at her party

from katie and ellie

03/27/2010 21:53

Hi Dorothy,

I am helping Miss Wyatt with the blogging challenge.

We celebrated Earth hour in Australia last night. We used candlelight as well.

I really like how you have so many fun sites to link to for different activities.

Well done.

Good luck with the blogging challenge :)

03/28/2010 16:25

nice with the links! Love the details to!

Cathy Vivian
03/31/2010 04:58

I think even one person can make a difference! And when lots of 'one person's join together, that's a really powerful thing.

Love the links you've included.

Ms. V
York, Western Australia


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