Here is an activity that I did on my first day of grade 5. It shows the profiles that describe me, which I chose myself. The three profiles I chose were principled, thinker, and caring. If I was to chose three profiles for myself now, they would be inquirer, risk taker, and balanced. I have changed quite a lot since I started fifth grade! 
03/29/2010 22:11

cool! sorry about the singing duet. how did you get your picture to load up? Hope you reply

03/29/2010 22:12

I agree that you changed a lot and that you are a risk-taker, inquirer, and balanced! I wonder if you will change at the end as well!

03/30/2010 04:28

THanks guys! And yes Erin, I bet I will change by the end of the year!

Omer Katz
03/30/2010 19:24

I think you should leave caring as a profile star

04/03/2010 19:39

Hi Doroty,

I am helping Miss Wyatt with the blogging challenge.So I thought I would come back and see what you had added to your blog from the last time I have visited.

I like your reflections about the type of person that you are. In life we are constantly changing. Be interesting to see what you are like at the end of Year 5.

04/10/2010 05:28

hey dorothy i <3 your blog and your personality you are a good bff


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