Today in class we were asked to think of our two main things that we wanted to do for the exhibition. My top choice is water shortage. I chose this because that is a subject that means a lot to me, because I come from Australia, where there has been a drought for quite a while.
My second choice is gender equality. I chose this because I know quite a lot about this subject, and also because this is a subject that I genuinely care about. I really can't decide out of the two subjects though!
03/08/2010 16:17

I think that will be interesting and i would like to do wasting energy

good luck :) :)

03/08/2010 19:03

Both topic sounds very interesting. I like that you can relate the water shortage to where you are from.

Daksha Chandra
03/21/2010 23:44

Go litter!! Go team


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