Parent Teacher Conference
On Thursday 15th October  2009, I had my parent teacher conference. But first, I had to sit through my brother's conference, which was EXTREMELY BORING. I got to sit in the classroom and read my book, while my brother, my mom, and my dad talked to his teachers.
           After that, it was my turn! My brothers waited outside while the teachers talked to my parents. First, I read my short term goals to my parents, and explained about the ones I thought were important. One of my goals was to read more non-fiction books, which I thought was important because I mostly read fiction books.
Then, Andy showed my parents the results of my DRA test, and a list of the books I could read that are my level. Finally, I went outside for a bit while Andy talked to my parents alone. It wasn't as boring as the waiting for my brother's conference, because I had my brothers to keep me company!
11/03/2009 01:38

In the third parigragh it said 'I went outside fora'. Don't put two words mixed together, change that a-zap!


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