This week for the student blogging challenge, we have to 1) create an avatar of ourselves to put on our website (no prizes for the first person to say where it is!), and 2) write a blog post explaining when it is alright to use personal pictures on the internet. That is what I am writing about right now!
I don't think it is ever good to put pictures of you on your website. But there are some exceptions. I think, that if your photo is done on a setting that makes it look different, it is okay. Also, if the photo was shot very far away, and you can not see very clearly, that is okay too.
Here are some things that I think are not a good idea. If you write a caption above your picture that says things like your name, or your address. Or, if you have a very close up photo of your face, or body.
03/10/2010 06:21

You made some good points here. Remember to find information on the net to support your idea. You should also link this post o the 2nd week blogging challenge.

03/17/2010 00:24

They are good points. Just wondering, if the photos are far away that you can barely see it, what's the point of putting your pictures up then?

Definitely not put your personal information on the caption.


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