I had a great time working on the exhibition, even though it was tiring at times! But now that it is over, it is time to write a reflection!
I think one thing my group did well during the exhibition was being able to get people interested in our subject. We always answered people's questions, and got them interested by getting them to learn more about our problem, and action. I think we were also good at explaining to people about our action. Our action was to put our group's logo on the bins in the school, and we had a bin with our logo on it, so it was easy to explain.
Here is a photo of Daksha and I getting people interested in our group.
I think one thing I did well as an individual was getting people to play our game. When I was a guide, I asked the little kids if they wanted to play our game, and helped them with the answers to the questions. I also made sure that not too many people came to our stand, because then kids got upset that they could not all play the game. Phoebe also told kids about the game, and brought them over to our stand.
Here is a photo of me helping some K5 kids play our game.
One thing I think I could have done better on was telling people about the information we found out. I mostly talked about our action, and I think I could have explained a bit more about our information that we found out. If I was to do another big project like this, that is what I would work on.
Here is a person from the pink dolphins group talking to a person visiting their stand.

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