Two days ago, on Tuesday the 20th of April, I had my parent teacher conference. I think my conference went really well, and I think I have been doing a good job throughout the year to deserve it.
The first thing I did was read out my Parent Teacher Student Conference blog post. I remembered to explain about what all the writing and links were about, so my parents understood.
One of the main things we talked about was my handwriting. I have always written my words too small, so it helped to talk about with my parents, and teachers. My goal for handwriting is to start to join my letters. When we were still doing RRJs, (we are not right now, because of the exhibition,) I wrote part of my RRJ in cursive, either the introduction, or the conclusion.
At the end of the conference, I got this book called "Ready, Set, Grow!" which is a book for girls about going through puberty. Each week we are going to read a chapter, and talk about it with the other girls in the class. I'm not exactly excited...
4/26/2010 12:12:40 pm

I think your reflection is very good because it shows your thinking i love your blog!


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