Welcome to my Student Led blog post! I am going to be explaining about my improvments throughout the year in all of my subjects, as well as a reflection to go with each one. Enjoy!


I think I have really improved on maths since the beginning of the year. For example, at the beginning of the year I did not know my times tables, but now I know them all and can recite them very quickly!
I think my stength is working with fractions, because I have improved on equivalent fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers.
I think I could improve on working with decimals. I have never found decimals very easy, and the unit we are working on right now, discounts, is a challenge for me.
Here is a link to my Maths page.

Unit Of Inquiry

During the year, we did five different units of inquiry. How We Organise Ourselves, How We Express Ourselves, Who We Are, The Exhibition, and Space (our current unit.) I am going to explain about each of these units!

How We Organize Ourselves

In this unit we created communities with 2 to 5 other people. My group was a charity store, called UNICEF For The Best, and my group members were Phoebe and Maggy. Each month we had a sale in the lunchroom for a different grade, all of our earnings going to UNICEF, a charity supporting children in unfortunate situations. The different things we sold ranged from books, to puzzles, to toys!
Here is a link to my How We Organize Ourselves page.

How We Express Ourselves

In this unit, we learned about different religions and beliefs, and how different people with different religions live their everyday life. During this unit, we took many field trips to different temples and churches, to lean about the religions conveyed there. We went on many different field trips, including a Chi Lin Nunnery (buddhism,) a Hindu Temple (Hinduism,) a Christian Cathedral (Christianity,) an Islamic Mosque (Muslim,) a Jewish Synagogue (Judaism,) and a Sikh Temple (Sikhism.) I really enjoyed learning about all the different religions in the world.
During this unit, we also did an essy called a compare and contrast essay, where we picked to religions to.... compare and contrast! I picked Judaism, and Christianity. I chose to compare food rules, and what things these two religions can and cannot eat. Here is a link to it.
Here is a link to my How We Express Ourselves page.

Who We Are

In this unit, we learned all about the different learning styles, and which ones we are. My two main learning styles were Musical and Naturalistic. I agree with that, because I love the outdoors and gardening, and I love music and playing the drums! During this unit, we also got to do a lot of reflecting on the learners we are.
Here is a link to my Who We Are page.


You may not know, but the exhibition was a whole unit in its self! It was a very long process, 10 weeks to be exact, but it was a lot of fun! During this process, we got to form groups based around a problem, and then we got to research the problem. My problem was litter, and my partner was Daksha. Our mentor was Kim. She helped us throughout the whole process, and in the end, she got to get one of our cool exhibition T - shirts too!
Our action was to make a campaign, and to put our logo all over the bins in the primary school. It took about two hours to finish the job, but I think it was worth it - it has made a difference!
Here is a link to our wiki.


This is our current unit, and I am really enjoying it! For this unit, we get to create our own radio shows on Garage Band, and show them to the class. My partner is Astrid, and our radio show is about a Martian from Mars called Bob coming in disguise to Earth, and attempting to take over it. It is really funny, and it takes place in the middle of an interview! I play a space scientist called Alicia King, and in the show, I am being interviewed by my friend, Sophia Morrison (Astrid.) It is almost finished, we just have to edit and redo some parts.


Art isn't my favourite subject, but I still enjoy it! Every week on Wednesday we go to the art room, and we usually have a project to work on, which usually lasts about a month. We also did Artists In Residence, and this year we got to work with Miguel, making a GIANT snake out of decorated bottles, which you can find in the library. I had tons of fun decorating bottles! After Our 3 days with Miguel, we got to try out another of the activities being done. We got to work with Warren Wills, who was a composer. He helped us write a song about Maralyn Monroe, because he was writing a play about her at the time. Warren was really amazing at playing the piano, because he could just start playing, without any music! It was really cool!


I really love to write! I have written many stories, including the one I am just finishing up now, Anywhere But Here. It is my historical fiction story, and you can access it here.
In Grade Four, I also wrote An Odd Group, The Fantasy Charm Bracelet, and Gifts. I will continue writing stories for a long time, and maybe even become a writer!


I have really enjoyed this blogging experience, and I really would like to have my own blog. I try to blog every two to three days, but now I will not be able to blog anymore - this is my last post!
I think blogging is really connected to writing, because I feel the same way when I write, and blog. I hope to continue blogging (and writing) in the future!


I have really enjoyed my year, and I hope you have enjoyed my Student Led Conference!
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Good reflection and great linking!


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