Last weekend something very exciting happened! I got 2 turtles! I named them Speedy (the larger one), and Peydro (the smaller one.) They used to be Leilanie's turtles, but she is getting 2 guinea pigs, so I was lucky enough to get her turtles!

Even though they are small, there are a lot of things you need to do to look after them the right way. You have to feed them every morning, and you have to be careful to give them only the right amount of food they would be able to eat in 2 to 5 minutes. Their favorite food is dried shrimp, but they can also have fresh lettuce. You have to have a heater, and a filter in the tank, and a light shining above it for heat. You have to give them a vitamin every 2 nights, too.
01/06/2010 00:53

How about posting a picture of your turtles here, that is if speedy will stay still long enough for a photo ;-)

What type of vitamins do you give them? You could write a blog about keeping turtles and link to websites that give you information about how to care for them properly. Enjoy your new pets!

01/14/2010 17:02

The turtles are so cute it must be sad to see them go

01/14/2010 17:20

I was going to get the turtle

01/14/2010 17:37

Are you taking them to Australia? I like how you said about how to look after them. You sound like writer!!

01/17/2010 18:26

No, I won't be able to take an of my pets back to Australia :(


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