Last week for the student blogging challenge, you had to explain about where you lived. Read on to find out more!
I live in Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong is a beautiful city, but it can get very busy. To be more specific, I live in a suburb called Happy Valley.
I love living in Happy Valley, because it is close to so many places. Near my apartment there is a library, a bookstore, a Movieland, and loads of shops and restaurants! There is also the Happy Valley racecourse. From my balcony, I can sometimes even see the races!
03/26/2010 11:26

That sounds cool!!! Maybe I should do that to. I heard that hong kong is in a terrible air pollution problem I wish I could help!!!

Miss W.
04/02/2010 19:34

G'day Dorothy,
I have only visited Hong Kong once in my travels and we went past the Happy Valley Racecourse. We also went up Victoria Peak on the tram. Hong Kong was certainly a very bustling town then.

Miss W.
04/02/2010 19:35

By the way, I am the lady running the blogging challenge. You can visit my class at

04/19/2010 22:55

It's so cool you can see the Happy Valley Racecourse from your home. I've never been to a horse race before. It will be something I'd like to do in the future (hopefully soon). Maybe you can wave to me when I am there, or maybe not.


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