Hi people! Have you been wondering how the exhibition has been going so far? Read on to find out....
I am going to answer some questions that Andy assigned for us to answer. The first question is, "what have you done for your exhibition group so far?" We have been doing many things, but the latest thing we have done is start to put our logos on the bins in the school. We are about halfway. We have also been working hard to merge our concept questions together, for the real exhibition.
Next question.... "what do you still have to do?" Today Daksha and I started designing a game that we will let people play on the day of the exhibition. We plan to get together on Friday afternoon, and add the finishing touches to it (we are doing most of our work at school.) We also have to make a slide show to show to the people coming to the exhibition.
The next question is, "do you have any concerns about the exhibition?" I have to say, the only thing I am really concerned about is time. We currently only have 4 days in school to get everything sorted, and I am a bit worried about that!
Next question, "is there any area of the exhibition that you are really proud of?" For meI am really proud of the fact that we have started to put the logos around the bins in the school. I thought it would take much more organizing, and we got it done so quickly. That is what I am really proud of.
And the last question, "what will somebody learn when they come to your presentation next week?" They will learn about the process in putting the logos on the bins in the school. They will learn all the steps, and thing we had to do.
5/3/2010 12:31:32 pm

Remember the logos are just one part of your overall litter campaign. Make sure all of the other pieces are ready for the exhibition.

5/4/2010 12:48:39 pm

Good post. I think you described what you did in a good way. Putting your logo on all the bins in the school.....Is that all your action?

5/4/2010 03:45:02 pm


5/6/2010 10:44:09 am

Good job Dorothy I think your reflections is Honest and Is well reflected

Yuki (sm9977013)
5/12/2010 06:58:54 am

You seem like a very smart person. ☺


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