This week our homework was to answer some questions about the exhibition so far. I've been having so much fun preparing for the exhibition, and I can't wait for the real thing!
The first question was, "what are your thoughts about your exhibition problem?" I have many thoughts so far. My subject is litter, so there is a lot to think about, but my main thought is how to put a stop to it. I have thought of many ways to help, including making signs, cleaning up beaches and other public areas when I am there, and taking one day of the week and devoting one hour to cleaning up litter.
The second question was, "Explain your ideas in as much detail as possible. Include thoughts about why your problem is important to you, how you may solve it, what trips you could go on." I have many ideas of what we could do as a group to help stop people littering, many of them which I mentioned above. I also have to say that litter really means a lot to me, and I think it is a big problem that needs to be stopped.
One of the main field trips I would like to go on would be to go to a beach or park, and spend and hour or so just picking up rubbish, and maybe even putting up signs. It may be a bit complicated to do that though, because we woud have to know if it was allowed.
The next question was, "how will your group work together? What are your expectations of what people should do, act?" This is a bit of a hard question for me, because I think my group should always work together. So far, Daksha and I have not decided what each person will do, but I think it is a good idea to have seperate jobs as well as always working together.
The last question was, "do you have any concerns about the exhibition? What do you hope to improve?" I really don't have any concerns about the exhibition. I am really excited, but I know there will be things that will go wrong. Other than that, I really am not concerned.  
I have finally decided what my subject will be for the exhibition. Litter! My partner is Daksha, and my mentor is Kim Engasser.
Here is a video that Andy made with some of the photos from this week.
Today in class we were asked to think of our two main things that we wanted to do for the exhibition. My top choice is water shortage. I chose this because that is a subject that means a lot to me, because I come from Australia, where there has been a drought for quite a while.
My second choice is gender equality. I chose this because I know quite a lot about this subject, and also because this is a subject that I genuinely care about. I really can't decide out of the two subjects though!
Today in UOI, I was a scribe. Here are the notes that I took.

March 2nd

Work on yellow sheets

Sort into two categories - SMART, not SMART

Split into groups of 1, 2

Talk about SMART

See which things need writing about

A lot of things were not SMART

Determined if it was not SMART: not realistic, unfinished, not specific, 1, 2 words

Al together, decide what's SMART, what's not SMART

Who wants to make it SMART

Start to make a small decision for what you want to do

Split into 4 groups (9 people), go through, are they SMART or not

Not move many things to SMART

Not many things changed

On projector, highlighted what's SMART, and what's not SMART

Groups stood up, and told the class what was on their posters

The things on the board that were highlighted in green, were not SMART, not going to use

Discuss if we should keep any things

Gave reasons why we should keep the idea

Picked top 3 things we may want to do (if we had to pick right now)

Voted to see which things should sty, and which things should be eliminated

A lot of things were deleted, water pollution was very popular

We came up with new things that were not already on the board, that we wanted to be there

Have two days to find our top two for Thursday
Hi everyone, and welcome to my exhibition blog! Here I will be writing about what's happening during the 8 weeks of the exhibition, and what's happening with my group. I hope you enjoy reading about the journey I will have!