It all started when Ching Ming decided to put a stop to the messengers always getting the messages wrong. They really are pretty hopeless. One time, my friend Tai Sun was going to give a message to the emperor of Shanghai. The message was, there was going to be a grand dinner ball for all the emperors of China. He told the emperor that the grand dinner ball was canceled! Tai Sun tries his best, he really does. But somehow, every time he gives a message, it always comes out a different way than he has been told. Anyway, back to the point. Ching Ming was becoming absolutely infuriated at his messengers. So he decided to fire them. Yes, fire them, and get this: he said that now his messengers were gone, the peasants and other workers would have to work as messengers as well! I couldn’t let that happen, I just couldn’t. And neither could my best friend Tye Lan. So we decided to run away. Yes, away. Both of us. Immediately.

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