This morning I woke up, and made a decision. I'm going to find Tye Lan. It just doesn't feel right, not having her around. We've always been together, ever since kindergarten. Until now.
So, as I was saying, I left our cozy but small hut. I caught some more fish from the river, ate it (raw, but it wasn't bad!) and set off. The first thing I noticed once I had left was how quiet it was. I mean, I know no one lives in the forest, but I didn't think it would be that quiet! Anyway, I'll update you tomorrow, and tell you how it went.
Okay, I can’t help it. I have to tell you something. Last night, I got a letter. I couldn’t work out exactly who it was from, but I’m pretty sure it was from Tye Lan. I found it outside the door of the hut, written on a leaf. Because it had been left outside in the constant rain, Tye Lan’s neat printing was barely visible. I could only work out two words. Gone, and payback. What an earth could that mean? Payback? To who? It was all so confusing, that I just decided to sleep on it. So I did.
Something awful has happened. Something really, really awful. It’s Tye Lan. She’s gone. Last night, I saw her go to bed, and I saw her go to sleep, but in the morning she wasn’t there.. She was nowhere to be seen. I searched everywhere. Around the hut, inside the hut, even under the water, because she likes to hold her breath for a long time. I keep on looking at the photo of us that I keep, but I ind myself crying whenever I do. And that’s very unusual for me, as I am considered really tough, I really am. And now that I think about it, I realize that I haven’t cried for a very long time. The last time I cried was when I had done something “wrong,” as the Emperor had said, and I had to sleep outside. That wouldn’t of been so bad, if I wasn’t so afraid of the dark. I am absolutely terrified of it. Don’t tell anyone though.
I’m too depressed to write any more. Sorry.
It’s been four days already. We’ve run out of food, we’ve run out of supplies, but the good thing is, we haven’t run out of water. We have set up a sort of hut, which we made from mud, tree branches, bamboo stalks, and water from a nearby stream. What we did, was get three bamboo stalks, and tied them together at the top of the bamboo. Then, we got some leaves that we found on the ground (Tye Lan is obsessed with nature, and she wouldn’t let us pick them off trees,) and tied them loosely to the bamboo. Then we got some mud and smeared it over the leaves, then left it until it was dry. Simple. Not. Once the mud was dry we knew we had done the wrong thing. In the night the mud was always falling on us, and one morning we were so dirty that we had to take a bath in the stream in the morning! Another problem we run into regularly is also to do with the mud. Because it hasn’t been drying properly, and we apply new mud to it every day, t is dripping on us whenever we go in. I hate the feeling of it.
Inside the hut, it may be small, but it’s really cosy, because it feels warm and welcoming. It only has enough space to fit two beds in it, which, judging by the size of our beds, is not a lot. The beds are made from many layers of leaves, and the pillow is made of soft moss. I hate to say this, but it is  lot comfier than my bed at the kingdom. And I don’t know how I’m saying this, but life in the forest is a lot better than life in the Kingdom. The beds we had felt lie they were made of steel, and the blankets weighed more than me! Overall, life in he forest isn’t as bad as I thought it would be i.e horrible.
So here we are. Out in the middle of the forest, with very little food, very little water, and very little courage. But being on this trip has given me an idea. I have never met my mom before. I am an orphan you see. I was abandoned at birth. But even though she gave me up, somewhere in my heart I know that it wasn’t her fault. My goal is to meet her one day. I’m not saying she lives in the forest, or anything. I’m just saying that if I have the courage to run away, I have the courage to find my mother.
Tye Lan isn’t an orphan. Even though she works as a tailor at the Kingdom, she only does it because her family is extremely poor. She does it to earn money. I really look up to her, because going to work at a Kingdom away from her family must take a lot of dignity. Over the years, me and Tye Lan have become best friends. We’ve been through thick and thin, but we’ve always been together. Always.
Well, we did it. Me and Tye Lan ran away. It was harder than you would think. First, we had to sneak past the guards. And lets just say... they’re good at their job. One time, a bank robber was trying to sneak into the Kingdom. His punishment was he had to live in the dungeon for 10 years!
Anyway, back to the runaway. Once we got past the guards, we ran into another problem. What would we do for food? In our hurry, the only things we could sneak from the kitchen were some oranges, some cold spring rolls, and some dry crackers. We tried not to take things that would have a sweet smell, and would attract ants...
It all started when Ching Ming decided to put a stop to the messengers always getting the messages wrong. They really are pretty hopeless. One time, my friend Tai Sun was going to give a message to the emperor of Shanghai. The message was, there was going to be a grand dinner ball for all the emperors of China. He told the emperor that the grand dinner ball was canceled! Tai Sun tries his best, he really does. But somehow, every time he gives a message, it always comes out a different way than he has been told. Anyway, back to the point. Ching Ming was becoming absolutely infuriated at his messengers. So he decided to fire them. Yes, fire them, and get this: he said that now his messengers were gone, the peasants and other workers would have to work as messengers as well! I couldn’t let that happen, I just couldn’t. And neither could my best friend Tye Lan. So we decided to run away. Yes, away. Both of us. Immediately.
Hi. My name’s Mina Yau, but most people call me Mi Mi. Most people meaning the very few people I know.  I live in a kingdom that is run by the emperor Ching Ming. I hate him. He is the meanest, most awful person I have ever met. He bosses everybody around, and he is always demanding the most impossible things. Like, “Why is my robe light blue? I asked for it to be dark blue, you good for nothing tailors.” He said that to me once. I am a tailor. Which is a very hard job. The emperor is... well... over sized. It take me a very long time to make something as small as a sock!
Let me just get to the point. What you are about to read is top secret, with a capital T. It is my diary. So don’t go and give this book to any random person on the street. You can not give it to anyone, for that matter. This diary is for you, and you only! Am I clear?