Hi. My name’s Mina Yau, but most people call me Mi Mi. Most people meaning the very few people I know.  I live in a kingdom that is run by the emperor Ching Ming. I hate him. He is the meanest, most awful person I have ever met. He bosses everybody around, and he is always demanding the most impossible things. Like, “Why is my robe light blue? I asked for it to be dark blue, you good for nothing tailors.” He said that to me once. I am a tailor. Which is a very hard job. The emperor is... well... over sized. It take me a very long time to make something as small as a sock!
Let me just get to the point. What you are about to read is top secret, with a capital T. It is my diary. So don’t go and give this book to any random person on the street. You can not give it to anyone, for that matter. This diary is for you, and you only! Am I clear?