It’s been four days already. We’ve run out of food, we’ve run out of supplies, but the good thing is, we haven’t run out of water. We have set up a sort of hut, which we made from mud, tree branches, bamboo stalks, and water from a nearby stream. What we did, was get three bamboo stalks, and tied them together at the top of the bamboo. Then, we got some leaves that we found on the ground (Tye Lan is obsessed with nature, and she wouldn’t let us pick them off trees,) and tied them loosely to the bamboo. Then we got some mud and smeared it over the leaves, then left it until it was dry. Simple. Not. Once the mud was dry we knew we had done the wrong thing. In the night the mud was always falling on us, and one morning we were so dirty that we had to take a bath in the stream in the morning! Another problem we run into regularly is also to do with the mud. Because it hasn’t been drying properly, and we apply new mud to it every day, t is dripping on us whenever we go in. I hate the feeling of it.
Inside the hut, it may be small, but it’s really cosy, because it feels warm and welcoming. It only has enough space to fit two beds in it, which, judging by the size of our beds, is not a lot. The beds are made from many layers of leaves, and the pillow is made of soft moss. I hate to say this, but it is  lot comfier than my bed at the kingdom. And I don’t know how I’m saying this, but life in the forest is a lot better than life in the Kingdom. The beds we had felt lie they were made of steel, and the blankets weighed more than me! Overall, life in he forest isn’t as bad as I thought it would be i.e horrible.
3/11/2010 12:01:16 pm

Dorothy you did a good job! I liked how you discride how you made the hut, also the way you told us about the beds! When you said you were i orphan it would probably fit in at the begining, anyway it was great! Oh and I'm Marla from the US. :)

3/15/2010 09:07:26 am

Hi Marla! Thanks for the comment, but I would love to comment to you back!
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