Today was our very last day in Xi'an. The first thing we did was finish packing up. That didn't take long, so then we went to breakfast. The flight was at 2:45, so we still had a long time to wait. So we went to this place called the drum tower. There were giant drums all over the place! We also saw a performance, using percussion instruments. It was very, very loud! Then we visited a different market. It had many interesting things, but they were mostly things I could find in Hong Kong, too! But then something caught my eye. A man was doing finger painting. But not just ordinary finger painting. When he was done with what he was painting, it looked amazing! I got to get a bookmark with his artwork on it. He also wrote my Chinese name at the bottom, and my English name at the top.
When we got back to the hotel, there was a bus waiting to take us to the airport. It was about an hour drive, and I spent most of the time reading. When we got to the airport, it took a very long time to check in, but finally we did. Then we got on the plane and flew back to Hong Kong. I had a great time in Xi'an!
We didn't do too much today, but we sure didn't do nothing! First we went back to the wall to do the bike ride again. About a quarter of the way through, we went to a fung shui museum. Fung shui is the way you organize things in a lucky way. At the end of the museum tour we were allowed to get two lucky charms each. Each charm had a different meaning, and mine were lucky, and good memory and brain.
After that, everyone except Maggy, my big brother, Maggy's mom, and me went home, but we finished the bike ride!
When we got home, it was about lunchtime, so we went to a place called Subway. Then Gregory (Maggy's little brother,) Maggy, my mom, and me went to the fountains again, and the others went to the Bell Tower. Then we all came home, and decided that after dinner we would go to a market.
The market was really interesting, and I got to get some souvenirs. I got a spinning top with lights and a song, some animal erasers, and a kite with a penquin on it (so cute!)
When we were walking to the market we went to this shadow puppet show, which was based on the Monkey King story.
After that we went back to the hotel, and into bed.
Today was a very big day for me! First we went to this wall, where you can bike ride. It was 14 kilometres in all! Me and Maggy were on a double bike, with her at the front, and me at the back. It was so fun that we begged our parents to do it again the next day, and they agreed! Then we had lunch, and took a drive to a pagoda. While we were there, we climbed about seven long flights of stairs to get to the top of a slanting building.
After we climbed down, we went to a fountain show. It started at 4:00, and was only meant to go on to about 4:10. But we stayed much longer! Why? Because at the end you were allowed to play in the fountains, and we were not going to let that chance pass us! We started like this....
.....And ended like this!
After the fountain show we went to dinner, and then back to the hotel for a good nights sleep!
Today we visited one of the most famous things in China... the terracotta warriors! But first we went to the terracotta warrior workshop, where they make some smaller ones for souvenirs. I was allowed to chose one to take home. There were also some horses and chariots that you could buy, and me and Maggy thought they were hilarious! Why? Because they put the tails in seperately and we found some ones that weren't quite finished.....
See what I mean? Me and Maggy also had a good time poking our fingers in the holes....
After we had finished looking in the workshop, we drove to a place called Hot Springs. The cool thing was it was all natural! There was a lot of people taking our photos, so we learned the Mandarin for "no thank you" from our guide, Leena.
Finally, we got to visit the real warriors. It took a long time to see the whole thing, because it was very big. There were 3 pits, a museum, and a tea house. First we went ot pit one. It was amazing, because a lot of the warriors were still half in the ground.
Then we went to the museum. It showed some horses and chariots, and a giant terracotta warrior from the Beijing olympics! Then we went to pits two and three. And finally, we went to the tea house. The food and tea there was sooo good and I didn't want to leave, but my mom draged me away in the end!
By then it was quite late, so we had dinner. It was a dumpling banquet. Then we went to a dancing show. The dancers were amazing! Finally we went back to the hotel. What a big day!
Today was my very first day is Xian! It is located in the East of China, and it is a very beautiful city! Oh, and I forgot to mention that Maggy and her family would be coming with us!
First, I took a 12:30 flight to Xi'an. We arrived at about 3:00, and took an hour drive to our hotel. Then we settled in for a bit, and went to dinner. We had dinner at a hot pot restaurant, and afterwards we had a cake for Maggy's birthday! I had already given Maggy my present for her at the airport. It was a blue photo frame, which you can open up and put two photos in. She is going to put one photo of her, and one photo of me.
After dinner, Maggy, my dad, her dad, her mom, her brother, and my big brother went to a night market, and my mom, my little brother and I went back to the hotel.