Yesterday, my parents would be out for the whole day, so our helper just looked after us. We didn't really do much, but we did go for a walk in Happy Valley. First, we went back to Movieland, to return the DVDs and get new ones. I returned Camp Rock, but I got a new DVD, which was season 2 of iCarly. Also, when we were paying for them, they were giving out free candy! YAY! It was gooooood. After that, we went to this playground, where my brothers played with their remote control car. I got kind of bored, so I walked to Dymocks (a book store.) At first I was just looking around, but then I bought a magazine. Finally, my brother got kind of bored so he went home, and my other brother, my helper, and I went and got slurpees from 7 11. I made my signature slurpee: all the way to the top with sour blueberry!
When we got home, I watched all the episodes on disk one of iCarly, but then I had to have dinner. After dinner, I watched all of the episodes on disk two (except two episodes, because I had seen them.) By then, as you would expect, I was pretty tired, so I just went to bed.