Today I woke up at Astrid's house, but I didn't spend much time with her, because I was meeting Erin at Ocean Park at 9:45. Astrid also had to go to hockey camp at 10:00, so it worked out pretty well. The bad thing was, I left so early that I didn't get to have any breakfast!
When we arrived at Ocean Park, Erin was already waiting, so we just bought our tickets and went in. But I had a season pass, so it was only Erin and Jake (her brother) who had to buy tickets. We started off all together, but that didn't last long, because the boys took off imediately! Me and Erin were aloued to be alone, but every hour we had to check up with my mom.
Soon after we had arrived, we went up to the top of Ocean Park. The first thing we did when we got to the top was go on the flying swing. Then we had lunch (more like breakfast for me!) at McDonalds. I don't really like McDonalds, but I was desperate for some thing to eat! After that me and Erin were aloud to go off and do something by ourselves. Our plan was to go on the Raging River, but when we got to the escalator that would take us down to it, we found out that it was broken, and it was the only way to get there! Bummer! So we went back up to the area where we had had lunch, and went on the ferris wheel. By the time we had finished, it had been about one hour, so we went and met my mom at the meeting point. We were going to go off for another hour, to go on the Dragon and the Eagle, but we had to go home. So me and Erin took the cable car back to the bottom, and both my brothers, Jake, and my mom took a cable car down too. 

When we were at the bottom, me and Erin wanted to do one more thing, so we went on the bungee jump. After that, it was time to take Erin home.

You may think that that was the end of my day, but it wasn't! My mom had to take me to the doctor because of my exma, but because we would be at the doctor anyway, the doctor would have to check where Astrid's dog had bitten me too. It turns out that my exma was fine, I just had to put something on it. But we had to call Astrid's mom about the dog bite, to see if he had had his rabies shots. He had! So there is really nothing I could do about it!