I didn't do too much today, only a couple of things. But one thing's for sure: my day definately wasn't boring!

The first thing I did today was go to the Ladies Market, with my mom and my brothers. You may think that the only things there are for ladies, but you are wrong! It used to be only for ladies, but now it has many things for men ranging from clothes, to souviners! The Ladies Market is set up like this, there are four blocks, and on each one there are market stalls set up. My favourite block was the third block, because that’s where I bought most of my things. I bought: a pair of really cool purple flat shoes, a pair of headphones with a black backround and a pink skull on them, the goodie bags for my birthday party (which is in one week,) and the things to go inside the goodie bags. I also bought a present for my cousin, who had a birthday soon too.

The second thing I did today was go to my drama class. Every Friday since the Beggining of January, I have done a drama class. The play I am going to be in is called “Wonka Madness,” and it follows the basic storyline of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. I am playing an ompa lompa whos name is Dingotoddle. Maggy, Alice, and Lulu also do the class, and they are ompa lompas too. I can’t wait untill we do the show, because we have all worked so hard on it!