I can't belive that it's the last day of the holidays already! It feels like they went really fast, but it's been 9 days! I think my favourite thing I did in the holidays was when I went to Ocean Park with Erin. We really did have a great time!
Today I basically spent the day at home. The first thing I did, which was in the morning, was listen to about 2 HOURS of music! If you now me really well, you'll know what band I was listening to! After that it was lunch time. For lunch I had the leftover pizza from the day before. After that I had to clean out my turtle's house. It didn't take that long, because I had my mom helping me. After that I cleaned up my room because well... it needed it! Then I watched Inndiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom with my family. I had already seen it before though, so instead I decided to write my blog (What you are reading right now!) Finally, I had dinner. I went to bed early after that, because I have to go to school again tomorow (groan!!!!!) I hope everyone had a great holiday! I did!