Day 1 Hong Kong - Dorothyhkab
Today was a very cold day, and I didn't want to go outside much because of that. But I did need to get some new library books, and a DVD to watch too. So I walked to the HKFC (it's really close,) and I got 4 books. Then I walked from there to Movieland, and rented out a movie called "Camp Rock." It was about a girl (Mitchie) who really wanted to go to a music camp called Camp Rock. But her parents can't afford it. But then, Mitchie's mom (Connie) finds out that she will be the camp cook, and Mitchie can go to the camp at a discounted rate! But I don't want to tell you the rest, I recomend you watch it!
After I finished watching the movie, I spent a bit more time mucking around  on the computer, and that was about the end of my day! 
Sorry, no photos today!    
2/18/2010 10:59:07

I think you discribed well what you did that day, but it was quite short.

(I have watched camp rock like 2 years ago and 4 more times but I still don't really like it. Exept for the Jonas Brothers part of course)


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