Today is Chinese new year! In the morning, I got a lycee packet with $100 in it from my parents. I also got 4 HUGE chocolate coins, which I saved (except one, I ate that one!)
After we had been given those, we went to this place called monkey Hill, on Kowloon. I can totally understand why it's called that! There were monkeys everywhere! It was really quite amazing! My favourite monkeys were the baby ones, because they were extra cute! We were aloud to get out of the car and look at the monkeys, but we weren't aloud to touch them. We did take some photos though (below.)
When we were back, I didn't really do much, but at about 4:30, one of my dad's friends came over for dinner. By the time they'd left, I was just really tired, so I went to bed. 
This is where the monkey park is located.

Great holiday blog! That is a lot of monkeys! Can you put a map here with the location so I can visit, looks like an interesting place to go to.


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