Today we visited one of the most famous things in China... the terracotta warriors! But first we went to the terracotta warrior workshop, where they make some smaller ones for souvenirs. I was allowed to chose one to take home. There were also some horses and chariots that you could buy, and me and Maggy thought they were hilarious! Why? Because they put the tails in seperately and we found some ones that weren't quite finished.....
See what I mean? Me and Maggy also had a good time poking our fingers in the holes....
After we had finished looking in the workshop, we drove to a place called Hot Springs. The cool thing was it was all natural! There was a lot of people taking our photos, so we learned the Mandarin for "no thank you" from our guide, Leena.
Finally, we got to visit the real warriors. It took a long time to see the whole thing, because it was very big. There were 3 pits, a museum, and a tea house. First we went ot pit one. It was amazing, because a lot of the warriors were still half in the ground.
Then we went to the museum. It showed some horses and chariots, and a giant terracotta warrior from the Beijing olympics! Then we went to pits two and three. And finally, we went to the tea house. The food and tea there was sooo good and I didn't want to leave, but my mom draged me away in the end!
By then it was quite late, so we had dinner. It was a dumpling banquet. Then we went to a dancing show. The dancers were amazing! Finally we went back to the hotel. What a big day!

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