Today was a very big day for me! First we went to this wall, where you can bike ride. It was 14 kilometres in all! Me and Maggy were on a double bike, with her at the front, and me at the back. It was so fun that we begged our parents to do it again the next day, and they agreed! Then we had lunch, and took a drive to a pagoda. While we were there, we climbed about seven long flights of stairs to get to the top of a slanting building.
After we climbed down, we went to a fountain show. It started at 4:00, and was only meant to go on to about 4:10. But we stayed much longer! Why? Because at the end you were allowed to play in the fountains, and we were not going to let that chance pass us! We started like this....
.....And ended like this!
After the fountain show we went to dinner, and then back to the hotel for a good nights sleep!

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