Yesterday was a very busy day for me, no questions asked! My day started off by my family and me going on a walk. And I mean walk, not hike. It was quite an easy trail, but long at the same time. The walk started Off around where Parkveiw is, and it finished at Tai Tam. I had a good time on the walk, because there was a lot to see. There were also lots of dogs on the trail, going for a walk with their owners. When we finished the walk, we were going to take a taxi home, but then we saw that there was a bus leading to an MTR station, so we took that instead. When we were on the MTR, we were going to go all the way home, but there was a stop where we could go get something to eat, so we got off there instead. While we were there, my brothers saw a toy shop that they could look in, so for a while a just looked around as well. Then we had lunch. We went to Pizza Hut. I really don't like pizza very much, but the pizza I had was really nice! After lunch we went home.
I didn't really do much when we got back home. The two things I did do were: listen to an hour and a half of music, and start my historical fiction story. That was about the end of my day!   

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