For the next parent teacher conference, our class had to find a math page that we are proud of. Here it is!

How I Would Spend $1,000,000.

How would you spend $1,000,000. You must spend all of the money. You must spend it on at least 5 different things. You need to give the amounts that you will spend on each thing, as well as the percentage and fractional equivalents.
I would buy....

A private cruise ship (small, includes swimming pool, cinema, and basketball court) -  US $500,000, 1/2, 50%

3 years supply of gummibears - US $1,000, 1/1000, 0.1%

30 instruments (20 guitars, 3 drum kits, 2 keyboards, 3 base guitars, 5 microphones) - US $200,000, 1/5, 20%

10,000 cute tiny animals (hamsters, rabbits, etc.) - US $99,000, 99/1,000, 9.9%

2,500 pairs of Converse shoes (all purple, but all slightly different in some way) - US $200,000, 1/5, 20% 

Unit 7 Review

Here is a page from my unit 7 test.
I chose this page because it really shows me as a learner. This page is all about negative and positive numbers, and as you can see in my parent teacher conference blog post, working on negative and positive numbers was one of my goals. I am going to meet these goals by working on positive and negative numbers on Mathletics, and working on them for 5 to 10 minutes at home, too. This shows me as a learner, because I am realizing where my strengths and weaknesess are, and trying to work on them.